Nov 16, 2020

ARC Signs New Brunswick Collaboration MOU

Saint John, New Brunswick - ARC is pleased to announce it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work collaboratively with New Brunswick Power (NB Power) and Moltex Energy to create synergies by establishing a small modular reactor vendor cluster in New Brunswick. This initiative will allow ARC Canada to collaborate with the other parties in areas such as supply chain development, shared technology education, trades initiatives and common research and development.

Since 2018, ARC Canada has been working with NB Power to advance the development of its proven small modular reactor (SMR) technology for deployment in New Brunswick. This work will also establish New Brunswick as the hub for the supply chain and technical support for the ARC Canada technology deployment in Canada and internationally.

SMRs provide a source of safe, clean, affordable energy, with the ability to contribute towards a resilient, low-carbon future. ARC Canada and Moltex Energy are both developing complementary technologies that can offer solutions to the two most important public concerns about nuclear energy. Both designs offer passive, inherent safety, and both in different ways, can address the disposition of used nuclear fuel. New Brunswick is uniquely positioned to advance small modular reactor technology because of its rich academic and scientific community, along with the nuclear expertise of the professionals at the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station.

 “ARC Canada is looking forward to collaborating with Moltex Energy as each company develops its advanced SMR technology for deployment in the Province of New Brunswick,” said Don Wolf, Chairman of the Board of ARC Canada. “We are certain that nuclear energy has a critical role to play in the creation of a future energy system that provides affordable, clean energy, 24/7 and integrates with renewable energy systems.”

Further, the President & CEO of ARC Canada, Norman JD Sawyer noted, “through this initiative, we are pleased to work in collaboration with NB Power and Moltex Energy to advance the development of an innovative clean energy cluster which offers the opportunity to bring substantial and sustainable economic growth to our beautiful province. This collaboration is another example of the leadership demonstrated by the Province of New Brunswick to assist Canada in reaching its ambitious goal of net zero by 2050.”

About ARC

ARC is a clean energy technology company developing the ARC-100, an advanced small modular reactor (SMR) that provides inherently safe, reliable, economically competitive, and carbon-free energy with fueling versatility and significant waste reduction. ARC Canada has established its Head Office in Saint John, New Brunswick with a goal of promoting business and economic development within Canada. New Brunswick provides the key success elements for the development of the ARC-100 technology in Canada; a strong energy background, an experienced and effective electric utility, a flexible and highly competent work force and academia that can support development and innovation. ARC Canada envisions the creation of a sustainable supply chain delivering economic growth, well-paying supply chain jobs and the opportunity for New Brunswick and Canada to take the lead in the advanced small modular reactor technology field.

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Carol Lynn Landry