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Clean energy across industries

The ARC-100 is strongly positioned to provide safe, reliable, and clean energy for electricity and heavy industry.

The ARC-100 is an advanced small modular reactor (aSMR) that creates nuclear energy using liquid metal sodium as its coolant, instead of water which is traditionally used in nuclear reactors.

Sodium carries more energy and conducts heat faster than water, making the ARC-100 a highly flexible and versatile reactor for various applications. The higher power density and thermal conductivity of the ARC-100 prevent the reactor from overheating, allowing the ARC-100 to operate at a higher temperature and lower pressure, making it a safer and more efficient and versatile nuclear reactor.

By operating at higher efficiencies and not emitting greenhouse gases, the ARC-100 can significantly reduce emissions throughout the energy sector and across a wide range of industries to achieve decarbonization goals.

In an effort to reduce emissions and lower carbon footprints, the governments of Canada and America launched action plans and programs to develop small modular reactor (SMR) technologies. The Government of Canada released a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Action Plan as a roadmap for the development of SMR technologies in December 2020, and the U.S.

Department of Energy initiated the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP) to support the development and commercial demonstration of SMR technologies (2020) and published an Industrial Decarbon-ization Roadmap to support the increase of nuclear energy reliance (2022).