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Electrical Grid

The ARC-100 is a safe, reliable, and cost-effective technology that can be used to provide carbon-free electricity to small and large communities around the world.

Modular and scalable

The ARC-100 can hold a large amount of energy in a small space, making it easily modular and scalable, to provide additional energy to the grid and replace large, costly, and inefficient power plants. The ARC-100 can be used as a modular brick to be used off-grid or added to the on-grid electricity generation stack, used for small and large applications, and as needed to accommodate peak hours and high demand.

Small modular reactors are expected to contribute an additional 353 GW to global energy production by the year 2050 (Roland Berger Management Consultancy, June 2022).

The ARC-100 has been selected by New Brunswick Power in Canada for an on-grid electrical application at their Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station site with completion targeted by the end of this decade.

Ideal replacement

The ARC-100 has a stable baseload power as an ideal replacement for fossil fuel energy sources that are used in applications requiring a high degree of reliability. The electricity output match load adjustment of the ARC-100 also makes it an ideal complementary energy source to intermittent renewables such as wind and solar which produce variable amounts of energy.