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Possibilities through partnerships

ARC partners with world-class engineering firms, nuclear specialists, universities, First Nations, utilities, industrial users, and governments who share the vision of a safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective future, transforming the energy space to benefit the environment and human health.

The collaboration strengthens the ARC-100 technology, providing development, resources, and jobs as the ARC-100 expands the possibilities of advanced clean energy.

Our Vision

Shared goals and visions

ARC is forming partnerships and working collaboratively with First Nations to bring a diversity of skills, backgrounds, and perspectives to the development of the ARC-100. We work to ensure equity and diversity within every aspect of our projects.

Through shared goals and visions, ARC works to create value through clean energy. If you are interested in working together, joining our list of world-class partners or applying for a role at ARC Clean Technology, please contact us.

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ARC is supported by national and international governments and organizations, through tens of millions of dollars of investments, positioning the ARC-100 sodium-cooled fast reactor to provide safe, clean, cost-effective, and reliable nuclear energy globally.


ARC has secured funding from the governments of Canada, United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom for the development of the ARC-100, through government branches such as the Province of New Brunswick and programs such as the U.S. Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program, Japan’s Nuclear Energy X Innovation Promotion program, and the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Development & Engineering

ARC is proud to work with world-class engineering and infrastructure firms to develop and advance the ARC-100 technology. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, ARC is working with leading companies to provide research, development, and commercialization support for the ARC-100.

Research Laboratories

ARC works closely with esteemed scientists, national labs, and universities throughout North America to develop the ARC-100. Our in-depth research and development bring strong scientific knowledge and expertise together for the development of the ARC-100.

ARC is partnered with Argonne National Lab (USA), Idaho National Lab (USA), Sandia National Laboratories (USA), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CA), and the Centre for Nuclear Energy Research (CA) for the ARC-100’s fuel and plant design development.

First Nations

ARC Clean Technology Canada is headquartered in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada, which covers the traditional territories of the Wolastoqiyik, Mi’kmaq, and Peskotomuhkati Nations. ARC is committed to responsible development, which values Indigenous perspectives regarding the opportunities and impacts of project development on the traditional lands. As such, ARC is committed to working closely with Indigenous Peoples and communities to build and maintain sincere, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

On April 28, 2022, ARC published an Indigenous Relations Policy Statement providing an overview of ARC’s commitment to Indigenous inclusion.

ARC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pabineau First Nation, North Shore Micmac District Council, and Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick (WNNB) to work collaboratively to further expand relationships with Indigenous communities through employment and training opportunities, two-way education, equity ownership, supply chain partnerships, joint ventures, and through increasing Indigenous participation in the ARC-100 development and implementation. From business development to organizational development, ARC ensures that Indigenous communities are represented, understood, and are a core component in the ARC system.