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Heavy Industry

Powerful Clean energy

The largest consumers of electricity are the energy-intensive industries. To create energy for heavy industry, the ARC-100 provides a large amount of energy and high-temperature steam and power in a small space, through its ability to transfer heat quickly and its liquid sodium coolant.


The ARC-100 is also ideal for heavy industry as it operates in modular units and can provide for both electrical and thermal needs. The ARC-100’s modular design increases efficiency and lowers the cost of repairs. It also allows for specific size selection of the reactors. The ARC-100 generates 286MW of thermal energy and 100 MW of electrical energy, and provides direct superheated steam at 450 ℃  which can be increased to 850 ℃ with topping heat.

“The [U.S.] Council on Environmental Quality is issuing new guidance on responsible deployment of technologies that can reduce emissions from heavy industry and help us achieve a net-zero economy.”

- U.S. White House Briefing Room


High-temperature output

ARC-100’s high-temperature output can replace current fossil fuels by providing the same amount of energy in a smaller space and with no emissions. The successful deployment of the ARC technology at Belledune provides a model for industrial decarbonization through nuclear energy for Canada, the U.S., and the rest of the world.

“Canada’s heavy industry sector plays an essential role in Canada’s economy. Decarbonizing this sector is essential for meeting Canada’s 2030 climate target, and especially net-zero emissions by 2050.”

– Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Canada

Economic benefits

With the economic benefits of a short payback time, ease of scalability, and investment management through modular reactors, the ARC-100 can provide high-quality electricity and heat for industries such as hydrogen generation, water desalination, synthetic fuel production, mining, and refining.

The Belledune Port Authority announced in November 2022 that it plans to use the ARC-100 to power the expansion of its northern New Brunswick Green Energy Hub, where the ARC-100 will provide a minimum of 1GW of clean power to its industrial users.

“New Brunswick is leading the development of Generation IV SMRs and we are delighted to see ARC Clean Technology selected to be the first SMR in Canada to provide clean, non-emitting energy for an industrial application like the Green Energy Hub in Belledune. The ARC-100 has broad applications for industrial decarbonization across Canada.”

– Mike Holland, New Brunswick Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development