Oct 20, 2021

ARC Canada Participates in Virtual Speaker Series through the Centre of Excellence for Energy

ARC Canada was thrilled to participate in the Virtual Speaker Series through the Center of Excellence for Energy’s participation in Nuclear Science Week. The series showcase both Technical and Non-technical young professionals at ARC Canada in addition to employees from Moltex and NB Power.

Speakers highlight some of the numerous possibilities that are achievable through the Nuclear Industry and what additional benefits and opportunities advanced SMRs bring to New Brunswick for future generations.  There are two versions of the speaker series, one featuring ARC Canada's Quality Management Specialist, Ms. Rachel Kierstead, who shares her background and journey to the ARC Canada team. The second video features ARC Canada's Human Resources Generalist, Ms. Emily Small, who shares her previous experience and emphasizes that to get into this exciting industry, students do not require a nuclear science degree, as everyone can support the industry! Today's students will be the leaders of the future nuclear industry, and we are so pleased to show them the possibilities that will happen when they are ready to enter the labour force!