Oct 19, 2021

ARC Canada Participates in Discussion Panel Hosted by the Centre of Excellence for Energy

ARC Canada is pleased to have participated in a discussion panel hosted by the Centre of Excellence for Energy as part of Nuclear Science Week. ARC Canada’s President & CEO, Mr. William P. Labbe Jr., had the opportunity to engage with students about the opportunities of advanced SMRs along side Moltex’s Mr. Rory O’Sullivan and NB Power’s Ms. Claire Harris. 

This interactive session gave students a unique opportunity to ask questions and learn about the emerging SMR industry. Some of the topics discussed were how students can be apart of the nuclear industry and some great questions surrounding the safety and environmental benefits of these Small Modular Reactor technologies. Student also asked about engineering programs and both Mr. Labbe and Mr. O’Sullivan spoke highly of the growing Nuclear Engineering Program option available at the University of New Brunswick.  If you missed it, you can click here to watch or share with your friends.