May 26, 2021

ARC Canada Announces New Brunswick Lead Executive Team

Saint John, New Brunswick – With the recent partnership announcement from the Province of New Brunswick in February, ARC Clean Energy Canada Inc. (ARC Canada) is ushering in the next phase of technology development with the establishment of its Executive Team comprised of New Brunswickers.

ARC Canada welcomes Mr. William (Bill) Cooper to the role of Vice President Engineering. Mr. Cooper brings more than 35 years of experience to the role and has held numerous senior executive positions within the industry.  “It will be a career highlight to be part of energizing an innovation-driven economy with the development of small modular reactors (SMRs) in the Province,” said Mr. Cooper.  “Being a New Brunswicker and an engineering graduate from the University of New Brunswick, I am excited to be back home after working many years in Ontario’s Energy Sector.  With this new generation of inherently safe technology, we will be developing in-Province expertise and supply chain to become both a local, national and international solution for reducing carbon-emissions.”

ARC Canada welcomes Mr. Andrew Dawson to the role of Vice President Government Affairs & Public Relations. “As a three-time graduate of the University of New Brunswick, I am excited about putting my skills to work towards realizing the many benefits that ARC Canada brings to our Province,” said Mr. Dawson.  “With our proven technology, we can produce affordable and carbon free energy for the New Brunswick ratepayers, while also creating significant economic opportunity by harnessing modularization construction techniques and exporting this product worldwide.  This is a generational opportunity for New Brunswick.” 

ARC Canada welcomes Ms. Carol Lynn Landry to the role of Vice President of Corporate Affairs & Human Resources. “As a business graduate from the University of New Brunswick (Saint John), it is a great pleasure to build my career in my home province, being part of a team of senior professionals supporting the net-zero revolution,” said Ms. Landry.  “My priority will be to support the growth of the organization through the development of local talent and young professionals who will take up the baton from our senior industry experts. ARC Canada is and will remain a great place to build a career in the Province of New Brunswick.”

Following several busy months of growth, ARC Canada has recently expanded the office footprint of its Canadian operations in Uptown Saint John from 1,200sq/ft to 5,000sq/ft with room for continued growth. The positive economic impact for local organizations has begun and will continue with the development of supply chain to support the initiative.


About ARC Clean Energy Canada Inc.

ARC Clean Energy Canada Inc. (ARC Canada) is a clean energy technology company developing the ARC-100, an advanced small modular reactor (SMR) offering inherently safe, reliable, and economical carbon free power that deals with waste. ARC Canada has established its Head Office in Saint John, New Brunswick with a goal of promoting business and economic development within Canada. ARC Canada envisions the creation of a sustainable supply chain delivering economic growth, well-paying supply chain jobs and the opportunity for New Brunswick and Canada to take a lead in the advanced small modular reactor technology field.

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