Mar 1, 2021

ARC Canada Participates in Alberta Innovates Learning Series

Saint John, New Brunswick – After the recent establishment of provincial funding, ARC Clean Energy Canada Inc. (ARC Canada) is proud to announce the participation of the President & CEO, Norman JD Sawyer in the Alberta Innovates “Let’s Talk Tech” session relating to the small modular reactor (SMR) learning series to be held on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021.  This learning session will focus on emerging technology pathways with the potential for participation in Alberta’s energy market. The ARC Canada technology provides a clean energy source with the ability to support intermittent renewables with its load following technology, as well as offering benefits such as reliability, inherent safety and low-cost clean energy that can deal with waste, all recognized as significant differentiators in the SMR Market.


“With the clear demonstration of confidence by the Government of New Brunswick through the recent establishment of funding, ARC Canada is proud to discuss the great work that is being done in the Province of New Brunswick on the development of the ARC Clean Energy technology, its potential applications and deployment,” says Mr. Sawyer.  “This is another example of how Provinces and industry players are coordinating a pan-Canadian approach to build a strong and vibrant clean energy industry that has the potential to bring tremendous economic opportunity to New Brunswick by re-invigorating our underutilized manufacturing supply chain.”     

ARC Canada has established its roots in New Brunswick recognizing that the Province possesses all the key pillars for success which has provided an opportunity to open worldwide markets through exports bringing revenue back to the Province through well-paying jobs. 

The webinar event is open for public registration at at 12pm (AST) / 11am (ET) on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021.


About ARC Clean Energy Canada Inc.

ARC Clean Energy Canada Inc. (ARC Canada) is a clean energy technology company developing the ARC-100, an advanced small modular reactor (SMR) offering inherently safe, reliable, and economical carbon free power that deals with waste. ARC Canada has established its Head Office in Saint John, New Brunswick with a goal of promoting business and economic development within Canada. ARC Canada envisions the creation of a sustainable supply chain delivering economic growth, well-paying supply chain jobs and the opportunity for New Brunswick and Canada to take a lead in the advanced small modular reactor technology field.

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Carol Lynn Landry