Mar 30, 2020

ARC Canada Announces Partnership With Leading Digital Identity Provider OARO

Saint John, New Brunswick - ARC Canada is pleased to announce the partnership with OARO, an Atlantic Canadian company recognized as a global leader in Digital Identity and Blockchain cyber security. The companies will collaborate to protect the digital integrity of ARC Canada’s operations and supply chain. This partnership is a prime example of the economic benefits ARC Canada can bring to the Atlantic region.

“Through this partnership, a thorough examination of OARO’s technical capabilities will be undertaken to confirm its adherence to the high standards of the Canadian nuclear industry” states ARC Canada President & CEO Norman JD Sawyer who is currently in good health but isolated for a 14 day period with his wife after international travel. “Safety and security of our employees and the public, as well as the commercial security of our inherently safe and proven technology is of the upmost importance for ARC Canada and we believe that OARO has demonstrated the capability to provide technology that meets or exceeds our very high standards.”

OARO's technology currently secures Airports, Financial Services, Online Voting, Life Sciences and Event Ticketing applications. “We are thrilled to partner with ARC Canada to introduce the benefits of OARO’s solutions to the nuclear industry” said Joel Leetzow, OARO’s President and CEO.

With the challenges of the times, ARC Canada as a company continues to move forward with the highest regard to employee and public safety. “We are in trying times”, explains Mr.Sawyer, “our company is in full compliance with social distancing with employees establishing homebased offices. However, our team continues to work diligently with the future of our beautiful province in mind”.

Since its inception, ARC Canada has maintained a vision of bringing a major part of its manufacturing supply chain to New Brunswick. The company has maintained that New Brunswick brings a fit-for-service site, strong nuclear background, safe and effective nuclear operator, flexible workforce and ideal academia supporting development and innovation, ideal for the ARC Canada technology.

About ARC Canada

ARC is a clean energy technology company developing the ARC-100, an advanced small modular reactor (SMR) offering inherently safe, reliable and economically competitive carbon-free power.  ARC Canada has established its head office in Saint John, New Brunswick with a goal of promoting business and economic development within Canada. New Brunswick provides the key success elements for the development of the ARC-100 technology in Canada; a strong energy background, an experienced and effective power utility, a flexible and highly competent work force and academia that can support development and innovation. ARC Canada envisions the creation of a sustainable supply chain delivering economic growth, well-paying supply chain jobs and the opportunity for New Brunswick and Canada to take the lead in the advanced small modular reactor technology field.

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Carol Lynn Landry

About OARO

OARO is leading global provider of blockchain technology with a headquarter in Halifax, Canada. Founded in 2017, the company's management team has significant experience delivering solutions in cybersecurity, digital transformation and enterprise blockchain. OARO has been recognized as a Top Vendor in the Blockchain Identity Management industry, a Top 25 Canadian tech startup and has implemented Digital Identity for leading enterprise clients and public sector organizations. Learn more at

For further information: Joel Leetzow, President & CEO, p. +1 (587) 582-3971, e.